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The problems of programming languages in artificial intelligence is a long standing research area with decades of work invested in it. These languages, with different kinds of syntaxes, semantics and vocabularies, are designed with varying goals in mind. While most of these languages are highly esoteric to most people outside the field, here is a list of programming languages that have been used in artificial intelligence.

The following languages are not typically classified as AI programming languages, but have been used extensively for particular problems in AI: GUI toolkits (such as the TCL/TK family) lend themselves well to prototyping; however, when it comes to deployment they tend to be very slow (one popular C++ GUI toolkit is called "slow-miser" because it takes several seconds when switching between frames). Therefore, some GUI toolkits have been created that attempt to solve this problem.

In home automation, the Z-Wave protocol is a low-power wireless communication protocol for controlling loads and appliances from a central location. In 2010, Google announced that it would start using Z-Wave to control the thermostat of the Nest thermostat line in addition to its own line of wireless home automation devices powered by Android. The Z-Wave Alliance is a non-profit organization representing the global market for Z-wave technologies and standards based on hotzwave.com's open source reference implementation of ZigBee (RSSI), another wireless communication technology similar in nature; it is used in garage door openers and other applications. The following programming languages are used in home automation:

NOTE: while Ryo has existed since the early 1990s, it really emerged on the scene in 2002, with Version 2.5. This program's primary focus is report generation from databases with data obtained externally, but it can also be used for certain kinds of data mining. The primary original use was for generation of printed reports via LaTeX or HTML output. Ryo uses syntax similar to APL, but it is actually a symbiosis of many different programming languages including APL, C++ and SQL with features from object-oriented programming. Ryo is also notable for its use of SQL...all the way down to "NULL" as an allowed input value.

The following programming languages are used in electronics: The following programming languages are used in robotics: The following programming languages are used in augmented reality: The following programming languages are used in computer vision: NOTE: While this language is quite old, it has been around since the early 1970s.


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